Throughout my gallery you will witness a diverse selection of styles and woods. If you see anything of interest or a style which closely resembles what you're looking for, contact me. I will give you a one-on-one consultation wherein you will have the opportunity to co-design a piece of  furniture with me prior to its construction. I custom designed and built each piece. 

Deborah's Kithen.jpg (62199 bytes)

Deborah's kitchen

Frank Loyde Wright Set.jpg (71713 bytes)

Fergusson's dining set

Lisiabed.jpg (34026 bytes)

Lisa's bed

mission_bed-pack.jpg (27929 bytes)

Pack's guest bedroom set

packbed.jpg (32075 bytes)

Pack's master bedroom set

packentctr.jpg (25159 bytes)

Pack's entertainment center

riccaentcnt.jpg (25478 bytes)

Entertainment center

harvestset.jpg (48368 bytes)

Harvest table & hutch

nortonsetcolor.jpg (43751 bytes)

Norton's dining set

Kemeny Dining Set.jpg (65666 bytes)

Kemeny's dining set

packchair.jpg (15114 bytes)

Mission style chair

packtbl.jpg (18865 bytes)

Mission style bed & night stand

sedonastyle.jpg (46545 bytes)

Sedona style furniture

specktertable.jpg (59709 bytes)

 Hall table & mirror

Myer_ent_ctr.jpg (41428 bytes)

Bert Myer's entertainment center

taylorfrtdr.jpg (25578 bytes)

Taylor Residence Front Door

ferrell1.jpg (63040 bytes)

Ferrell Residence Kitchen

Dominguez Residence

alpacaproject.jpg (57094 bytes)

Wormy Maple Office



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